“Whoever Insults China Must Die!” 「犯我中華者 雖遠必誅!」

(Jennifer’s note: This is a video circulated widely on social media made by a guy in Beijing. I took the pain to translate it into English to let more people who don’t understand China learn how twisted Chinese people’s views can be after they are brainwashed by the CCP.)


Hello, I am Tumang from Beijing. It has been 3 days since Rockets’ GM Morey insulted China and supported HK independence. Our consulate has already issued a Solemn Warning toward Rockets. Our enterprises can end their cooperation with Rockets at any time. However, what is their response? The Rockets is still discussing whether they will fire Morey or not! Morey only issued a careless statement online. But it is NOT an apology! So what he really means is, “I won’t apologize. I support HK independence!”

So you will be stubbornly carrying on like this, right?

Now, let me tell you, and Morey, China is no longer the old China that can be bullied and insulted by anybody at will! Chinese people have stood up! And you are still acting like this? Then you’ll have to suffer the anger of 1.4 billion Chinese people! Let everyone join force and launch a people’s war. Let Rockets be drowned in the sea of people’s war!

Yesterday a fan asked me, it was Morey’s tweet, why is it related to Rockets? Let me tell you now, Morey is Rockets’ people. Whatever he says represents Rockets! You can be a fan of Rockets; but before that, you must be a fan of China first!

Whoever insults China must die, no matter how far away you are. Morey, Rockets, since you’ve made Chinese people angry, the final result has to be: You must all die!