Sleepless Night 鷓鴣天•無寐

Tune: Partridge Sky

By Yuan Xi from White Cloud Poetry Society | Translated by Jennifer Zeng and Damian Robin

文:白雲詩社 元曦 | 英文翻譯:曾錚

Lion Rock is burning. Hong Kong’s night-whipped shadows cannot hide
One breaking gunshot shocking heaven, twenty years of dream destroyed.
The half moon’s sharp, think arrows/knives. Let’s slay the demons of the void!
Born in chaos, hard to rest, hearts churn through sleepless nighttime tide.





[注] Note:

One breaking gunshot shocking heaven: On August 25th, the Hong Kong police fired the first live round at the protesters since the “anti-extradition bill” protests started in June. For the first time, the police also used water cannons and armored vehicles.


Twenty years of dream destroyed: Many people have harbored illusions about the “One Country, Two System” policy for more than 20 years since Hong Kong was taken back by the Communist regime. However, during the “anti-extradition bill” protests, people have been awakened to a sudden realization that the so-called “returning to the motherland” is more like a forced occupation by the enemy.